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Thank You From Stephanie!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

The McNab Shepherd is an excellent ambassador. When I started this process, I quickly found that people were willing to offer assistance because it was about The McNab Shepherd. Those that know and love the breed, want to see their history documented for posterity. Those that are curious about the breed, hunger for fact-based information.

Thank you to the following people and organizations for your efforts, offers of help, answering requests, and encouragement. I look forward to working together in the future.

Dr. Paul Poulos, Mendocino County Historical Society

Alyssa Ballard, Archivist, Mendocino County Historical Society

Karen Holmes, Curator, Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House

Phil Carnahan, Mendocino County Families Researcher


This website carries copyright with all rights reserved.

I have dedicated years of time, effort, and revenue to create this website. This website is a representation of me, of my work ethic and beliefs. I did not create this to be taken by another so they could attach their name to my work, and make it look like it was work they accomplished. Do your own work. If you want rights to use something, get in touch. In the words of Vachon,“if you see an unattended bike in a park, would you decide not to steal it because your fear of getting caught, or because you know it is morally wrong? If it’s the former, I can’t help you. If it’s the latter, maybe this post will change your perceptions of how we should use photos and content on the Internet.”


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